Monday, November 22, 2004

Acquiring the pleasure of Allah (SWT)

I begin in the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

In this post I intend to talk about two ways in which one can gain the nearness to Allah (swt) There are many ways by means of worship however I will put forward to you two specific ways, which, if practiced will inshallah prove very effective for us.

The first way is the main route through which one can attain the pleasure of Allah (swt). This is to save ones self from sinning and struggling with ones inner desires to save ones self from what is forbidden in Islam. (An example can be, preventing yourself from commiting zina, not backbiting/slandering about another person, or ensuring you carry the compulsory duties of Islam i.e salaah, saum etc.)

The second way is the side route through which one can gain the nearness of Allah (swt) and this is by repenting when a sin is carried out. When we transgress the bounds set down by Allah (swt) we should immediately resort to asking our Lord for forgiveness and shedding tears in remorse of the sins carried out, as well as trying our utmost best to never carry the sin out again.

The reason we have been blessed with this second way of attaining the pleasure of Allah (swt) is because we are beings that are not free from sin. Truly, there will have been times wherein we have disobeyed Allah (swt) by sinning. Therefore we have been given another route through which we can gain Allah (swt)'s pleasure, and this is by repentance.

Allah (swt) says in the Quran that, truly Allah loves thoes who save themselves from sin. Allah (swt) on another place in the Quran also says that Allah loves thoes who repent. Showing that both these aspects should be continuously resorted to throughout our lives.

I end by giving you a short example of how this can be done. When a person goes outside and encounters a person from the opposite sex whom they desire to look at, but are aware that this deed is a sin then by not looking and ensuring they keep their gaze down one can attain the pleasure of Allah (swt) by the first way.
However if the person is unable to keep their gaze down, then he/she should immediately ask the Almighty for forgiveness and ensure that they never do this sin again and even if this is transgressed, then again one should repent. We should make a habbit of this continual process in our lives.

Jazakallah for reading, let us make an effort to practice upon what we have read.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mis-using MSN

I begin in the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful,

This post is specifically directed at MSN users. To be more precise I am referring to the chatting between non-mehram men and women that takes place on MSN. Or to be more exact, the chatting between men and women (who can marry) that takes place out of mere pleasure and which is not necessary.

It is a plain fact and you all must be aware of it. To speak to a non-mehram man or woman, in particular on MSN (without a necessity) is islamically not right. The reason why I have targetted the usage of MSN is because this has become the most common and easiest form of prohibited communication bewteen men and women that is taking place.

Having a conversation on MSN between a non-mehram man or woman (without a necessity) is zina. Yes this is such a strong word and you may object at such a word being used. But readers, this is no extreme way of putting it, it is a fact whether we approve of it or not. Chatting on MSN to a non-mehram for ones own pleasure is commiting zina of the hands, eyes as well as the mind. How? You may ask. Zina of the hands is commited when one types in a message to send to the person they are chatting to. Zina of the eyes is reading any message from the person and lastly zina of the mind is thinking about the person.

Readers, read carefully about how seriously zina affects ones imaan. It is said that whilst one is commiting zina, Imaan- the most precious thing a muslim can possess- is taken away from the person. God forbid, if one was to die in the state of commiting zina, what do you think would be the status of their imaan?

However let me stress, I do not wish to dishearten any of you. If you have used MSN or are using it for the purpose of chatting to guys/girls whom you are not suppose to, then this is your chance to repent and seek forgiveness. Allah (swt) is the most merciful and truly you shall be forgiven if your repentance is sincere. However, also remember that you must make the intention of not continuing with this sinful act in future.

To put it simply, this MSN chatting with non-mehram guys/girls (that takes place without a necessity) is not going to benefit us at all. Not in this world or the hereafter, but instead this sin is going to create the displeasure of Allah (swt) which will destroy any form of joy and satisfaction in this world and in the hereafter. Are we willing to sacrifice our personal, false pleasure for the pleasure of our Lord? Are we willing to sacrifice our temporary pleasure for eternal bliss in Paradise?

I shall end by saying that the next time you are confronted by a non-mehram man/woman on MSN whom you must not be chatting to then control your inner, worldly desires by not responding and instantly deleeting such a person from your list. Yes, it is hard and surely you will have to struggle for it but keep in mind that this sacrifice is solely for your own benefit.

Jazakallah for taking you time out to read, it now lies upon yourselves whether you choose to practice upon what has been said.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Intermingling of the sexes II

Assalamualaykum readers.

In this post I will be continuing with my previous topic regarding the intermingling of non-mehram men and women that takes place in person as well as on the internet.

I was specifically targetting the 'chatting' that is taking place in todays age that has become the norm. We no longer consider it to be an evil but instead it seems to be encouraged.

However, there is a type of communication in Islam that is permitted. This is the contact between a non-mehram man and woman who communicate for the sake of Islam. But please note only in extreme cases of necessity. Those whose sole purpose is to gain knowledge for the betterment of their own imaan, as well as the entire ummah.
Truly, this can be seen taking place at the time of the Prophet (saw) and his blessed companions. The Mother of the Believers hazrat Aishah (ra) has related many hadiths to inform the ummah of the blessed ways of our Prophet(saw) These hadiths were asked by the noble companions of the Prophet (saw) upon which hazrat Aisha use to reply behind a screen in the most modest manner. Yes, indeed this is a perfect example that clearly shows such communication is permitted in Islam.

However, I ask you, what has become of us today? We use this very excuse of propagating Islam and instead misuse it to suit our desires. Yes, once in a while an Islamic issue may crop up but other times? Other times, readers we are involved in deep conversations be it MSN or any other way, we are involved in many hours of zina. What is the need in speaking to a non-mehram about personal issues, about petty issues which are simply not necessary.

Ofcorse one may say 'my intentions are pure' truly I do not doubt that for one moment. However, all would agree that Shaytan makes it a duty upon himself to convert these intentions to please him. Muslims are urged 'Believing men and women keep your gazes down' This shows that despite having pure intentions one can easily fall into the trap of shaytan, therefore even the slightest bit of temptation is prohibitted from the start. Before any thing even takes place. Id like to apply this same aspect to internet chatting. Readers do not even go near unnecessary chatting between non-mehrams on the internet for this is the path leading to zina. We are mere mortals, we can not always control our desires, it may begin as an 'islamic issue' but result in zina.

I would like to conclude by saying that yes you may find the views outlined in my entries very extreme. However as is often said 'the truth is bitter' An ill person has to undergo severe treatment and drink bad tasting medicine as a cure. Similarly this post is being put before you regardless of how bitter it sounds. I apologise for anything said that may have caused offence.

Jazakallah for reading