Monday, October 24, 2005

Passing moment

I begin in the name of Allah (swt), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

We have heard this many many times yet we remain irresponsive. We hear and read the words from the Scholars of Islam yet we ignorantly dismiss everything we are told. Perhaps we do not understand? Or perhaps we are simply behaving like stubborn individuals who insist on following the path of the accursed Shaytaan?

Dearest Readers, we must understand that our stay in this world is extremely short. In approximation, we may live for up to sixty or seventy years, maybe less. Throughout these years we are given the opportunity to worship our Lord and live our lives in accordance with the Islamic Law.

Pause a moment to think about this. For worshiping our Most Benevolent Creator and living our lives as Islam has commanded for a very short span of time, we have been given the glad tidings of eternal bliss in the hereafter!

Do we remotely understand this simple concept? We have been given this passing moment which we call life, to strive against our unlawful desires and strive towards what Allah (swt) has commanded. The result of which is ever-lasting joy in the gardens of paradise.

On the contrary, if we spend these very few years of our lives, away from the beautiful teachings of the Prophet (saw), away from what Allah (swt) has commanded, and instead succumb to the temptations laid out by our nafs and Shaytaan, then this short moment of so called 'pleasure' shall result in unendurable hell fire.

Ask yourselves, is it worth it?

By following the commands of Allah (swt) and resisting unlawful tempatations we will attain peace and tranquility in this life and most definitely in the eternal hereafter.
But if we follow our nafs and Shaytan, yeild in to false unlawful pleasures of this temporary world then we shall receive utter dissatisfaction in this world and most certainly in the hereafter.

I end by making a supplication: Oh Allah (swt) aid us in follow Your Commands and in practicing the teachings of your Beloved Prophet (saw). Oh Allah (swt) save us from every act that incurs your displeasure. Save us from every type of sin. Oh Allah (swt) grant us undeserving servants, Paradise. Oh Merciful Allah (swt) protect us from the hell fire, for it is a fire we are unable to endure. Oh Forgiving Lord, truly you love to forgive. Forgive us. Ameen.