Monday, August 08, 2005

Treatment towards the creation of Allah (swt), Part II

I begin in the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

This post will only consist of one hadith which has been related by a particular Shaikh. However, this single hadith is enough to instill in our hearts fear regarding the way we treat others. One should atleast read the following article, regardless of whether the hadith has been heard before or not.

To the nearest meaning this hadith is being related:

(Note- a Muflis is one who is a pauper. On the day of judgment, the currency that will make a person rich or poor will depend on ones deeds. If one has led a righteous life, doing many good deeds, then this individual will be considered rich and wealthy)

The blessed Prophet (saw) asked his noble companions (ra) that, do you know who will be a Muflis on the Day of Judgment?
The noble companions (ra) replied that according to our understanding, a Muflis will be that individual who never engaged himself in good deeds.
(i.e. that person who never remembered Allah (swt) and dismissed the Laws set by Islam. That person, who did not fast, pray his daily Salaah etc.)

The Prophet (saw) said that a Muflis will be that individual on the Day of Judgment whose book of deeds will be filled with abundant good deeds!
However, this individual will have oppressed the rights of many beings. Different kinds of people will come to this Muflis and demand that they be compensated.

One will say to the Lord that this individual spread lies and slandered about me, another will say to the Lord that the person unjustly consumed my wealth, dealt with me harshly, another will say: this person swore at me, abused me, grieved me, etc.
In return, all these people will be given the oppressor's good deeds as a form of compensation.

Finally, this Muflis, will not have any good deeds left and still many people whose rights had been abused in the world by this individual, will be waiting. These people in waiting will be told to put their load of sin on that Muflis. This will continue untill every individual will be compensated for his/her rights that were abused.
This Muflis, who at first came with surplus good deeds will become a person with no good deeds - a pauper, and the person will carry the burden of the sins of other people, resulting in him being thrown into hellfire

In conlusion, I ask you dearest readers, on the Day of Judgment when every person will only be concerned about their own good deeds, when not even a mother will be willing to spare her child a single good deed, when even those pious people who spent their whole lives in worship of Allah (swt) will be worried about the lack of good deeds that they did, on that Day, Are we willing to have our deeds given away to the people we have hurt, spread rumors about, spent time backbiting about, thinking badly of etc. Are we willing to carry the burden of other peoples sin whose rights we oppressed in some way or the other? Surely not. Let us wake and respond to this warning that the Prophet (saw) has given us in the above hadith before it becomes too late.
Be very cautious in how you treat others, be very cautious in how your words can wound others, be extremely cautious in avoiding backbiting and slandering others. For, these are actions that can be very easily done, and if we do not make an effort to avoid them, then it will be on the Day of Judgment that we will have to compensate those we oppresed.

Oh Allah (swt) we beg You to not make us a Muflis on the Day of Judgment. We beg you to aid us in fulfilling the rights of Your servants. Forgive all our major and minor sins and grant us satisfaction in both worlds. Oh Allah (swt) we beg You to save us from backbiting, slander and every other type of bad deed which abuses the rights of Your servants. We beg you to forgive us and give us death with Imaan.