Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I begin in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

There is a misunderstanding that we possess regarding the Month of Ramadhan, through which we continue to deceive ourselves into thinking that we have earned good deeds in this Month when we have in actual fact earned nothing but the Wrath of the Almighty.
It is for this reason that when the blessed Month comes to a close, and the day of Eid-ul-Fitr arrives, many of us are engaged in major sins. Such sins taking place are a form of proof that we did not utilize the Month of Ramadhan efficiently and were unable to gain the nearness and Mercy of Allah (swt).

We are aware that we must utilize this Month by remaining steadfast on our prayers, fasting with abstinence, keeping our tounges busy with the remembrance of Allah (swt), reciting the Quran and so on. However, are we aware that it is even more vital that we strive to keep away from every type of major and minor sin? Do we realize that just as we abstain from eating and drinking we must be abstaining from every other type of sin (For example: in particular zina of the eyes, backbiting, slandering, telling lies etc)

Hazrat Abu Hurayra (ra) has related the following hadith from the Prophet (saw): (to the nearest meaning)

'Many of those who fast obtaining nothing through such fasting except hunger, and many a one performs salaat by night but obtains nothing by it except the discomfort of staying awake.'

Let us ask ourselves, are we amongst this unfortunate group, who, despite fasting and engaging themselves in nightly prayer, receive no reward whatsoever?!
The reason behind this is that even though we fast and pray salaah, we simultaneously continue to sin. Whilst we are in the state of fasting, we are also engaged in swearing, talking ill of others, lying, gazing at non-mehram men/women etc.
To put it simply, even though we are refraining ourselves from eating and drinking, we are not refraining from sinning and carrying out those deeds that incur the displeasure of Allah (swt).
I end by providing a few words of advice, which will Inshallah allow us to become amongst those who are accepted and forgiven by the Merciful Lord.
Remember that just as we strive to do Ibaadah in this Month, we must try even harder to avoid sinning. As an example, sins of the tounge which are easily done (such as backbiting, lying, speaking disrespectfully to one's parents, etc.) can be prevented by observing silence or keeping ones self occupied with Ibaadah.
By renouncing our desires to sin in this Blessed Month, not only will we gain the nearness and acceptance of our Lord, but it shall also become easier to avoid sin in the remainder months through the Mercy of Allah (swt).

Oh Allah (swt) forgive our sins and cleanse our hearts. Prepare us for the coming Month of Ramadhan. Give us the ability to perform extra Ibadaah as well as to avoid every type of sin. Oh Allah (swt) save us from backbiting, save us from slandering, save us from lying, save us from every form of zina, save us from jealousy, save us from pride and every other sin that we do. Oh Allah (swt) forgive our sins that have been done in the past. Oh Allah (swt) make this Month a means of gaining Your nearness, make us Your beloved and Oh Allah (swt) make us live every moment in accordance with Your Law.