Monday, November 22, 2004

Acquiring the pleasure of Allah (SWT)

I begin in the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

In this post I intend to talk about two ways in which one can gain the nearness to Allah (swt) There are many ways by means of worship however I will put forward to you two specific ways, which, if practiced will inshallah prove very effective for us.

The first way is the main route through which one can attain the pleasure of Allah (swt). This is to save ones self from sinning and struggling with ones inner desires to save ones self from what is forbidden in Islam. (An example can be, preventing yourself from commiting zina, not backbiting/slandering about another person, or ensuring you carry the compulsory duties of Islam i.e salaah, saum etc.)

The second way is the side route through which one can gain the nearness of Allah (swt) and this is by repenting when a sin is carried out. When we transgress the bounds set down by Allah (swt) we should immediately resort to asking our Lord for forgiveness and shedding tears in remorse of the sins carried out, as well as trying our utmost best to never carry the sin out again.

The reason we have been blessed with this second way of attaining the pleasure of Allah (swt) is because we are beings that are not free from sin. Truly, there will have been times wherein we have disobeyed Allah (swt) by sinning. Therefore we have been given another route through which we can gain Allah (swt)'s pleasure, and this is by repentance.

Allah (swt) says in the Quran that, truly Allah loves thoes who save themselves from sin. Allah (swt) on another place in the Quran also says that Allah loves thoes who repent. Showing that both these aspects should be continuously resorted to throughout our lives.

I end by giving you a short example of how this can be done. When a person goes outside and encounters a person from the opposite sex whom they desire to look at, but are aware that this deed is a sin then by not looking and ensuring they keep their gaze down one can attain the pleasure of Allah (swt) by the first way.
However if the person is unable to keep their gaze down, then he/she should immediately ask the Almighty for forgiveness and ensure that they never do this sin again and even if this is transgressed, then again one should repent. We should make a habbit of this continual process in our lives.

Jazakallah for reading, let us make an effort to practice upon what we have read.